Melissa Frost

Melissa Frost is a multidisciplinary artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a BA in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University. Throughout her experience working in film, design, jewelry, and marketing, she eventually discovered that her creative endeavors called her to the cross section of mental health and art. She seeks to initiate conversation and empower others through the art-making process by exploring different mediums, defining identity, and uninhibiting self-expression and reflection.


Feminist, brass knuckles, 2019
Two Forces, pear diamonds and 18k gold, 2020
Rebirth Dogwood Earrings, brass & silver, 2020


My Relationship to Art Therapy, clay & watercolor, 2021
Tongues of My Ancestors, clay, 2021
Kapwa in Sampaguita, clay, 2021
Ancestors Guiding Hand, clay, 2021


Mother, watercolor and mixed media, 2021
Unlocking the Unconscious, acrylic, 2021
The Shell & the Ocean, watercolor, 2021
Lost At Sea, acrylic, 2012
Metamorphosis, acrylic and digital media, 2021
Healing Flowers Mural, acrylic, 2020
Healing Hands, acrylic, 2021


Self-portrait, mixed media, 2022
Kaleidoscope, 2021
Upward Spiral, digital media, 2022


A beginner's journey into art therapy, 2022
Cultural container, 2022


Invisible Disability Necklace, mixed media, 2022
Name a Problem You Can't See, oil pastels, 2022
Fight or Flight, mixed media, 2021
Existential Dimension, pastels, 2021